Knitted Fabrics

Knitting product

  • SINGLE JERSEY120-260 GSM with using yarn of 30’s,26’s,24’s,20’s and 16’s
  • INTER LOACK 180-300 GSM with using yarn of 30’s,40’s
  • RIB FABRICS   1 x 1 RIB, 2 x 2 RIB, 3 x 4 RIB &  5 x 2 RIB.
  • JERSEY FABRIC 200-280 GSM using 20’s,24’s,26’s, & 30’s
  • COTTON / ELASTANE IN SINGLE JERSEY 180-240 GSM with cotton 30’s,26’s,
  • LYCRA 40/D, 20/D, jacquard Fabric, pique, Lacost and other different composition.
  • Fleece (brush or non Brush) 180-360GSM

Compare Fabric Construction

The difference between our cotton and the cotton of other leading brands is the quality of the yarn and its finer size. Our Combed Ring-Spun Cotton is crafted from 30-singles yarn knitted on a 28-gauge knitting machine, and as a result is noticeably softer and higher in quality.


Combed-Cotton Fibers
The combing process separates 80% of the more desirable (longer, thinner, more even) fibers from the less desirable (shorter, coarser, less consistent) fibers.

Ring-Spun/30-Single Yarn
A higher count of thinner fibers are tightly twisted together to make a stronger, smoother, finer (30) gauge thread.

Finer 28- Gauge Weave
30-singles yarn is woven on a 28-gauge machine, producing a finer knit fabric that is softer and lighter to touch.



Carded-Cotton Fibers
Carded cotton is a mixture of ragged, thicker, short fibers, Cheaper for manufacturers to produce; this cotton is rough, heavy and lower in quality.

Open-Ended/18-Single Yarn
Fewer coarser fibers are blown together, resulting in a loosely bound, thicker (18) gauge, heavier, rougher thread.

Coarser 20-Gauge Weave
Most cotton jersey created on a 20-gauge knitting machine. The result is a looser knit, heavier material that is coarse to touch.


Knitting Fabric Classification

Baby Rib
Our Baby Rib is flexible, durable, and allows for 100% stretch. This fabric provides a perfect surface for printing, embroidery, or heat-transfer prints. Most Baby Rib garments are available in sizes XS, M/OS, L and XL. When a one-sized woman’s garment is necessary for promotional purposes, our M/OS garment is ideal. The weight of this fabric is 5.8 oz. per 8q yd or l95g per sq m. All style beginning with “4” are made with Baby Rib.

2x1 Rib
This fabric is inspired by the Eisenhower-are undershirt Our 2x1 Rib fabric is unrivalled by that of other leading braids because it is made with finer Combed Ring-Spun Cotton with wider, textured ribbing. Be sure to check out styles 3308 end 3408, as these tarts truly exemplify the benefits of our 2x1 Rib. This fabric weighs 6.0 oz. per sq yd or 200g per sq m. All styles beginning with “3” are made with 2x1 Rib.
Loop Terry
Made of 70/30 combed cotton/poly, this luxuriously soft fabric offers impeccable comfort. A trans-seasonal fabric, Loop Terry weighs 6.5 oz. per sq yd or 22Og per sq m. All styles beginning with “9” are made with Loop Terry.
California Fleece
Made of 100% combed cotton instead of the conventional cotton poly mix used by other leading brands, our fleece is intentionally lightweight, warm and does not pill. To reduce shrinkage, our fleece is compacted, laundered, and dried prior to cutting. This fabric weight 7.2 oz. per sq yd or 245g per sq m. All styles beginning “5” are made with California Fleece.

Made of 100% combed cotton, heavy in weight and opaque to the eye, this fabric used for only a few of our garments. It is the perfect fabric for style 7319 as it offers supports to this bra. Interlock is great blank but is also perfect for prints, embroidery and heat transfers. The weight of this fabric is 7.3 oz. or per sq yd or 250g per sq m. All styles beginning with “7” are made with Interlock.
Made of 55/45 cotton/poly, this fusion fabric is lightweight end has a micro waffle texture. It is currently available in style T407. With 100% stretch, this long-sleeve is perfect for both men and women. The weight of this fabric is 4.8 oz. per sq yard or 151g per sq m. All thermal styles to come will be designated by the letter “T” at the beginning.
Fine Jersey
This fabric is the most printable in the industry. It is also the most comfortable because it is knit with 30-singles Combed Ring-Spun Cotton. Conventional trends only use 18-singles. Intentionally lighter in weigh Fine Jersey remains just as opaque as heavier fabric, yet weighs only 4.3 oz. per sq yd or 145g per sq m. All styles beginning with “2” are made with Fine Jersey.

Mélange Jersey

Made of 70/30 combed cotton/poly, this new fabric has70s lock and soft feel. Be sure to check out Gym T’s: M304 and M434. This fabric weighs 4.3 oz. per sq yd or 145g per sq m. All styles beginning with ‘M’ are made with Mélange.

Cotton Spandex Jersey
This luxurious fabric is extremely fabric weighs 5.0 oz. per yd or common in the retail market. Made with 40-single yarn with 5% Spandex for support, its structural value is epitomized by our Hot Short. This fabrics weighs 5.0 oz. per sq yd or 170g per s m. All styles beginning with “8” Cotton Spandex Jersey

Thick-Knit Jersey
Thick-Knit Jersey is a 50/50 carded open-end cotton-poly blend fret is durable and heavier in weight than our Fine Jersey. While its thickness resembles conventional jersey, this fabric is exceptionally soft. Our new P.E. short is made from this fabric. The weight of Thick-Knit Jersey is 7.3 oz. per sq y or 228g per q m.

Sheer Jersey
American Apparel’s Sheer Jersey is pre-shrunk (laundered. end dried prior to cutting in order to reduce shrinkage) and is one of the lightest weight jersey ever produced in the garment industry. Made of 40-single yam, this fabric is knit slightly more loosely than our Fine Jersey, adding additional stretch. Sheer Jersey is an excellent surface for printing. It weighs 3.9 oz. per sq yd or 135g per sq m. All styles beginning with “B” are made with Shear Jersey